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From the creator of Ultimate Game Music, Minimal Orchestral. A collection of 33 uniquely subtle orchestral compositions for building musical atmosphere in games.

Background music, done the right way

Minimal Orchestral is designed to work effectively behind the scenes, to add atmosphere, but without getting in the way of what's unique about your game. My aim was to create a music package that's respectfully subtle, and that brings an unusually high level of quality to what are simple, but extremely useful, musical cues.

What's inside

Minimal Orchestral includes 33 unique compositions delivered in 77 edits and variations, including:


Three ancient ethnic ambience tracks, using flutes and hand drums in an ancient, middle-eastern, style.

  • Ancient Ambience - Full, Loop
  • Ancient City - Full
  • Ancient Ruins - Ambient Full, Ambient Loop, Melodic Full, Melodic Loop

Frozen Worlds

Five tracks for cold, unforgiving ambience for barren landscapes, mountain ranges and deserted snow-covered tundras.

  • Mountain - Main Full, Main Loop, Ambient Full, Ambient Loop, Drone Loop, Ominous Intro, Safe Intro
  • Mountain Cave - Full, Loop
  • Slow Ascent - Ambient Full, Ambient Loop
  • Tundra - Main Full, Main Loop, Ambient Full, Ambient Loop, Melodic Full, Melodic Loop
  • Tundra Dungeon - Full Loopable

Night Ambiences

Three mysterious, beautiful soundscapes for outdoor environments at night.

  • Night Sky - Full Loopable
  • Polar Night - Full, Loop
  • Starlit Sky - Loopable

Open Landscapes

Six musical cues for wide-open landscapes, hub worlds, rolling plains and general exploring.

  • Empty Horizon - Full, Loop
  • Frontier - Main Full, Main Loop, Minimal Full, Minimal Loop
  • Morning Ambience - Full, Loop
  • Open World - Full, Loop
  • Piano Ambience - Full
  • Spring Ambience - Main Full, Main Loop, Minimal Loopable


Three peaceful and quaint musical cues for homes, villages, merchants and other settlements.

  • Homestead - Main Loopable, Piano Loopable
  • Medieval Hamlet Intros - Intro 1, Intro 2
  • Medieval Town - Full Loopable


Eight assorted dark textures and drones for dangerous caves, dungeons and other hostile environments.

  • Bandit Hideout - Full, Loop
  • Crypt - Full, Loop
  • Dark Catacombs - Main Full, Main Loop, Ambient Full, Ambient, Loop 1, Ambient Loop 2
  • Mysterious Catacombs - Full, Loop
  • Sacred Catacombs - Full, Loop
  • Shadow Ambience - Loop
  • Underworld - Full
  • Unholy Ambience - Full Loopable


Three mysterious, eerie forest and swamp ambiences and two hopeful, bright and peaceful tracks for grasslands, fields and meadows.

  • Endless Forest - Full, Loop
  • Forest Glade - Full, Loop
  • Grasslands - Full, Loop, Intro
  • Meadow - Full, Loop
  • Wetlands - Full, Loop

How to use Minimal Orchestral

Many of the compositions in Minimal Orchestral are split up into different style variations and track types. Track Types, such as Full and Loop, let you know how you'll be able to use each file:

Track Types

Full - Full tracks are non-looping, and have a natural-sounding start and ending. Full tracks may end on a resolving note, or use longer fades or effects trailers than looping versions. They are designed to be played once, either in isolation or in a playlist of other musical pieces.

Loop - Looping tracks are designed to seamlessly repeat, with effects tails carefully carried over to the beginning of the track, in musical time, to create an infinite, seamless, loop. While Loops in Minimal Orchestral can be started in the same way as Full tracks, they'll typically need to be faded out or stopped manually.

Loopable - Full Loopable tracks are hybrid tracks that can be used either as full tracks or seamless loops. Loopable tracks typically end on a natural, musical pause, or fade out to silence as part of the musical structure, allowing them to be used as full tracks or loops, without the need for a separate file.

The vast majority of all tracks in minimal Orchestral include at least Full and Loop versions.

Style Edits

Many tracks in Minimal Orchestral are also provided in multiple Style Edits, which include more, less or different instruments to better fit a specific situation.

Main - If a track has multiple edits, the most developed version, with the most instruments and melodic content, will be marked Main.

Ambient - Ambient edits typically include slower sweeping chords, textures and long movements in place of a defined melody. Generally, but not always, ambient edits are more suitable for larger scenes, or scenes that are more grand in nature.

Melodic - Melodic edits remove the larger elements from a track, leaving a more defined melody in a closer, more intimate, instrumentation. They are more narrative and expressive than Ambient edits, but are usually smaller.

Minimal - Minimal edits are similar to Main edits except that they are typically more subtle and use fewer instruments, without favouring ambient or melodic styles.

Intro - Area Intros are shorter, one-shot cues, that can be used to introduce an area. These are useful for setting the initial tone of an environment, without the need to play music on loop. Full versions can also be used in this way, as both track types have natural, defined, endings.

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Minimal Orchestral

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